Training  and Management Consultancy

consultant© offers a holistic and concrete approach to training and management consulting through our ''operative formative solutions'' in Communication and Managerial Development, Marketing and Sales, then in Operations, Safety, and Quality. We offer over 100 public courses and private in-house consulting. The latter are developed and tailored to specific customer requirements and needs.


Facilitation and Partecipation


Facilitating change means involving people through new and dynamic modalities and techniques of participation. Our top facilitators are excellent in creating spaces that foster this “involvement” enabling our clients to share and reveal unseen causes to in-house problems which in turn allows us to craft more accurate and thorough problem solving strategies for our clients.  



Counselling and Coaching

Through counseling and coaching, we at  consultant®  aim not only to offer solutions to the problems our clients face but also to

  1. Educate and equip our clients with the skills, resources, and knowledge needed to prevent those problems from reoccurring and to
  2. Work with our clients to develop strategies to analyze their weaknesses and and hone in on the ways to transform those weaknesses into stregnths